Ideafixa / Havaianas

Let's Play - Festival del Videogioco - Roma
agency. ninetynine

Claro empresas - Combo
agency. Oglivy // client. Claro

Artbreak  MTv 
agency. Estúdio alice  //client. MTv

Ed. Saúde
agency: LeoBurnett  // client: Rossi

Stone painting 
Personal project

Murals Brasil
Personal project

Art direction, concepts, storyboard
agency. ag. 750 // client. Santa Maria Imóveis

Land's Vodka  
Customizing Vodka Bottles

Cut&Paste Brasil 
Ideafixa - poster design

Painel agência AGE Isobar
To be used as a wall sticker and placed in the agency's reception.

7 year anniversary

Puhl & No Ar
Personal project
Che Bello
Brand identity design

USED OIL POSTER / Shortlist - Cannes 2012
agency: JWT  // client: Shell

Personal project

Ugli Drawings
Contest winner  //  threadless.com

Contest winner

Rio de Janeiro & Gran Hermano
Contest winner  // camiseteria.com // La Fraise

Disc cover

The Sulky 
Disc cover

O monstro da menina & Talento 2.0 
Auts  // Camiseteria

agency. Cubo.CC // client. Google 

Copa 2018
agency. Agência 3  // client. Crizal    

Paulinho da Viola 
Projeto Alfabeto do Samba
Skull pattern 
Personal project
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